Have you ever looked at the fabric section of a craft store and wondered about the possibilities? Sewing is an incredibly creative and increasingly popular hobby.

With the much-deserved backlash against fast fashion's environmental and ethical impact, it's no wonder why so many people want to create their own quality, custom clothing in the comfort of their homes.

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While learning to sew takes skill and patience, it's also very rewarding to wear something you made just as you wanted. These 5 steps will help you start making your own clothes right away!

1. Get a Basic Sewing Kit

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A sewing kit has the tools you need for simple sewing tasks. You can buy one at most craft stores, either in-person or online, and they usually include the following items:

  • Spools of thread

  • Needles of varying sizes

  • Sewing scissors

  • A thimble

  • A seam ripper

  • A pincushion

  • Pins

  • Measuring tape

  • Thread conditioner

You can also create your own sewing kit by buying these items individually!

Eventually, you may want to invest in a sewing machine. There are many quality machines under $100 that can do a great job!


Which of the following items is NOT included in a sewing kit?

2. Take Lessons

Your local recreational center or craft store may offer sewing lessons aimed at beginner sewists. These classes are great places to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the craft

  • Connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts

  • Meet mentors

Old footage of women sewing.

You can also create projects over time with a group, which can be useful if you think you'll struggle with the motivation to keep a steady sewing habit.

3. Start Small

There are many ways to get started with sewing. If you have absolutely no experience, it might be best to learn how to sew by hand before getting anywhere near a machine.

Hand sewing is not only relaxing but will also teach you basic skills such as how to thread a needle.

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Once you become comfortable with this (whether by taking lessons or watching/reading tutorials), you can put your new skills to practice by mending your clothes.

Learning to replace buttons and repair other imperfections is essential before making a wholly new garment.

4. Start Cheap

When you're just starting out on your sewing journey, your first pieces will probably have flaws, and that's okay!

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Sewing takes constant practice to master, so while you may be eager to create beautiful couture, it's not a good idea to splurge on $50/yard fabric right off the bat.

A person outside of a thrift shop.

Your local thrift store can be a great resource for old bedsheets and curtains, which make excellent material for beginner projects.

This is especially true if they're made out of woven fabrics such as cotton, as their light and crisp texture is much easier for beginners to handle compared to slippery fabrics like satin.


Robert is looking for fabric to make his first sewing project. Which piece of fabric is the best choice for him to buy?

5. Create Easy Projects

Once you've grasped the basics of sewing, you may be ready to create functional pieces to add to your wardrobe! You'll need a pattern and some kind of tutorial, whether written, in-person, or video.

Some ideas for good first sewing projects are:

  • A circle skirt

  • An apron

  • A scarf

  • A bag

A woman twirling in a white skirt.

When you have a few simple projects under your belt, you can move on to more advanced ones. Sewing projects can get very complex, so the important thing is to always be learning!


Which sewing project is a good option for a beginner?

Take Action

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While you may dream of walking down the street in an outfit that you made all by yourself, it's important to realize that reaching this goal will require a lot of patience, practice, and perhaps a few less-than-stellar projects.

With persistence, you'll eventually have creations you can be proud of!

Before you start making your own clothes, make sure you have:


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