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Gina has always been a happy and outgoing kid. But ever since she began high school, her parents notice she:

  • Avoids her cell phone when texts come through

  • Doesn't want to go to school

  • Says everyone hates her

What's going on with Gina?

Cyberbullying Signs

Gina's parents are worried that she might be a victim of cyberbullying. How can they know?

Byte Author Uploaded Image Victims of cyberbullying might:

  • Avoid school or friends

  • Look worried or upset when using electronic devices

  • Complain of headaches or stomachaches

  • Be irritable or angry; get in fights

  • Change sleeping or eating habits

  • Start doing poorly in school

  • Lose interest in activities or hobbies

Victims of cyberbullying might feel:

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  • Afraid

  • Alone

  • Humiliated

  • Sad or depressed

  • Hopeless

  • Hated

  • Want to lash out

  • Suicidal

A helpful friend

Gina's friend Mia has noticed that Gina seems withdrawn. Mia finds out that one of their classmates has been posting unflattering pictures of Gina along with hateful comments.


What can Mia do to help Gina?

Cyberbullying And Depression

Watch this video to understand the relationship between cyberbullying and depression.

Long Term Effects

Fortunately, Gina's friend Mia reports the cyberbullying to the principal, who contacts her parents. Gina gets support from caring friends and adults, and the cyberbullying stops. Gina soon goes back to her happy-go-lucky self.

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But some kids aren't that lucky. Cyberbullying can have longterm mental health effects.

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Take Action

What will you do the next time you see someone being cyberbullied?


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