Are you thinking of purchasing a computer but can't decide between purchasing a Mac OS and PC with Windows?

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You're in the right place! How you choose will depend on your personal computing needs, so choose wisely.


One difference between a Mac and a Windows PC is their level of security.

Microsoft Windows is more popular around the world than Mac OS, so most cyber attacks focus on Windows.

Malware like Trojans is a common threat to PCs but rarely harms Macs, which aren't completely protected from malware but tend to be more secure than PCs .

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Maria wants to get a new computer because her laptop is full of viruses. What system would give her a more secure experience?

Random-Access Memory (RAM)

RAM allows your computer to perform all the tasks you ask it to do. Your computer can slow down if you don't have enough RAM to process the applications you use.

Keep in mind how much RAM you need. Most PCs can have RAM added but you cannot add RAM to Macs.

  • 4GB is a basic level of RAM and is good for basic computer usage such as media streaming and web browsing

  • 8GB is for basic office tasks

  • 16GB is good for gaming and other process-heavy apps

  • 32GB is a ton of RAM, which is good if you need a lot of power such as video production

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Flaticon Icon Mac

  • Limited variations

  • Features such as touchscreens

    cost more

  • Macs are costly due to a limited range of prices but last a long time

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Flaticon Icon PC

  • Many variations such as touchscreens, and two-in-one laptops with stylus

  • Customizable

  • Offer a large range of prices to fit your budget


You have a tight budget and you're not sure you can afford a top of the range laptop. What type of computer would best fit your budget?


Many graphic designers use Macs because they have a simple operating system with a Retina display.

This makes the text and images extremely sharp. Also, Macs have a wider viewing angle. This helps you view your screen without noticing any distortions.

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What Software Do You Need?

One more difference between the two computers is the systems they operate on. Macs operate on MacOS and PCs use Microsoft Windows.

Neither is "better" in terms of performance or usage, but Windows is more widely used, so there's more software available.

If you go with a Mac, you can purchase Parallels or Bootcamp so you can run both operating systems.

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Things To Consider

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  • Macs generally last longer than PCs , but because Apple tightly controls its repair process, it can be more difficult (and expensive) to get a Mac fixed

  • If you have other Apple devices, it's easier to sync them up to a Mac


Sara got a new job at a software development company. She needs a new computer that can handle a lot of operations at once. She also likes to game in her spare time. Which computer should she buy?

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Should you buy a PC or a Mac?

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It all comes down to your personal preference and needs. Consider the following:


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