Do you have a passion for learning languages and want to turn it into a career? 

Man gesturing with his hands and saying Translators help bring people together to a mutual understanding by changing written text into another language.

What Do They Do?

  • Interpret the meaning. A translator doesn’t just translate word for word. By understanding the culture associated with the language they carry the nuances of the message too.

  • Translate into one language. Translators usually translate one way.

    Eg. French to English. 

Types Of Translator Roles

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  • Literary translators are usually what we think when we hear the word “translator.” They translate novels, stories, or poems. 

  • Legal translation refers to translating legal documents such as birth certificates or marriage documents.

  • Software localization is to adapt the user interface to a specific region.

  • Other translation jobs include working in specialized fields which may require knowledge of industry terminology. Translating medical documents or user manuals/instructional guides.


Which of the following jobs are completed by a translator?

Who Are You?

You are someone who:

  • Enjoys reading and learning languages

  • Likes working alone

  • Is constantly learning

  • Is accurate and detailed oriented

  • Is good at meeting deadlines

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What Will You Need?

cartoon image of a stack of books with a graduation cap on top

  • A bachelor’s degree (typically in a foreign language, literature, linguistics, or translation)

  • Knowledge of two or more languages

  • Certification (depending on your country) 


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In Canada, the average salary of a translator is $50,000 CAD.

In the U.S., the average salary of a translator is $49,000 USD.

Not Quite What I Want

Not for Me If you enjoy learning languages, but enjoy more interactions with others you might consider other similar careers!

  • Interpreters: Orally (or by sign language) convert information into another language

  • Language teacher: Share your joy of learning languages with others!

Take Action

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Now that you have a better idea of what it is like to be a translator and what it takes, what can you do? Try...


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