Have you ever wondered what accountants really do other than "bean counting"?

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Have you wondered if this role is the right fit for you?

What Do They Do?

  • organize and maintain financial records

  • review statements to make sure they are correct and follow laws & regulations

  • work with clients to improve financial well-being on a personal and business level

  • calculate taxes owed along with preparing tax returns

  • providing auditing services for businesses and individuals

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What kind of services would an accountant provide for their clients?

What Skills Do You Need In Order To Be Successful In This Role?

skills needed to be successful in this role (analytical skills, critical thinking, management of finances and budgets, etc.)

  • Analytical skills and critical thinking

  • Management of financial budgets

  • Organization and time management

  • Business knowledge and proficiency

  • Oral and written communication

  • Collaboration with others

But Will It Pay The Bills?

Average Salary in Canada: 80,600 CAD

Average Salary in USA: 65,700 USD

Average Salary in Germany: 30,000 EUR

Average Salary in Hong Kong: 452,000 HKD

Average Salary in India: 262,000 INR

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Although these are just average salaries, this career has impressive salaries and job growth to match!

To Be Or Not To Be

You will love it if...

  • you want a clear career path.

  • you want to be in a stable and growing job field.

  • you want to experience professional and entrepreneurial growth.

  • you want to have a career that is in demand everywhere.

  • you don't mind putting in a lot of hours for work.

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Look for another career path if...

  • you want to stop education after earning your degree. As you grow in this role, you will require designations and certifications to keep up with changes in the industry.

  • you want to avoid long hours, as there will be many during busy season.

  • you want a career without too much pressure or stress.

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