It's just playing with puppies and kittens, right?


Veterinary technicians are just like nurses but instead of only learning about one animal (humans) they have to learn about many animals!

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What Do Vet Techs Actually Do?

Vet techs have a long list of required tasks and no two days will ever be exactly the same. However, all techs can expect to do things like:

  • Help with surgeries techs prep patients and ready all surgical materials

  • Shots! Shots! Shots! techs give vaccinations Flaticon Icon

  • Explain treatments to pet parents techs make sure that pet parents understand what each treatment does and why their pet needs it


Which tasks might a vet tech be responsible for?

You'll Love It if...

  • You love animals — like really love them!

  • You don't mind a fast-paced day that could be quiet one minute and chaos the next!

  • You can think fast under pressure. You might have to make a quick decision, as the life of a pet is in your hands. A cat walking on its front paws

Perhaps Look Elsewhere if...

  • You hate being on your feet. Some shifts might be 12 hours and there can be a lot of physical work like walking, bending, and lifting.

  • You have a weak stomach. If blood and urine don't sound like something you can tolerate, this probably isn't the job for you.

  • You like routine. Schedules change quickly when emergencies happen. If you work best with a set routine, this career might not be the best for you. Spongebob characters panicking

But What Will I Make?

Flaticon Icon The average salary for a vet tech in the US is about $28,000 USD per year.

Flaticon Icon The average salary for a vet tech in Canada is $38,000 CAD per year.

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