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What if you could work from your favorite vacation spot every day?

Imagine working from the beach with the sand between your toes or from a cozy campsite on a scenic mountain. 🏖️

Visualize yourself traveling the world, working from anywhere, enjoying great weather, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures and foods. 💭

If this sounds amazing, a career in travel writing could be it for you!

What Does a Travel Writer Actually Do?

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As a travel writer, you not only convince others to travel to a place, but you document travel experiences, share recommendations for other travelers, and guide others on what to do or what to be aware of while visiting a destination.

Future travelers are looking for you to research for them, break down the need-to-know parts of a location, and share your tips.

Here is an example of a great travel writer. 👈

How Would I Make Money?

You will certainly have multiple ways to make great money by sharing your experiences.

Check out some ideas below:

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What's the Salary?

The amount of money you make will depend on how much time you spend writing and how much effort you put into other possible sources of income. Nonetheless, travel writers take home a nice paycheck.

Flaticon Icon In the USA, the median salary for a travel writer is between $59-$109k per year.

Flaticon Icon In Canada, the median salary for a travel writer is about $71k-90k per year.

The numbers may not reflect a starting salary in the field but could represent what you might earn after some time.

Don't Forget the Perks!

Here is a snapshot of the type of perks, aka freebies, typically given to travel writers in exchange for a great article or publication:

  • Free all-Inclusive trips

  • Luxury hotel stays

  • Flights

  • Tickets to exclusive events

  • Dining experiences

  • Tickets to local attractions

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You'll Love This Career if.....

  • You're passionate about traveling and want to share that with others. 🧳

  • You love storytelling. 👄

  • You have a great eye for detail and can capture important moments. 👁️

  • You take amazing photos and videos. 📷

  • You love connecting with people. 👐🏽

  • You have exceptional writing skills. ✍🏻

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Travel Writing is Not for You If....

  • You desire a set income each month because your income will fluctuate based on how much you work and how you decide to make your money. This is not an office job.

  • You have zero writing skills and no desire to work on them. You must be willing to get better to be successful.

  • You aren't flexible or patient. You could be around different cultures or languages that will challenge you.

  • You can't work alone because you could be away from family and friends for long periods while doing travel research.

  • You aren't adventurous because your readers want fun and excitement.

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Pick the Next Travel Writer

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  • Loves traveling but doesn't like working with people

  • Has limited writing skills

icon of a man with a beard


  • Has a hard time with details

  • Lacks adventure or desire to learn about other cultures

icon of man with curly hair


  • Needs a set income with benefits

  • Likes his desk job and doesn't want to be alone while working

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  • Has excellent video and photo skills

  • Great with storytelling, has a love for travel and connecting with people


Who sounds like the best fit for a career as a travel writer?

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