Do you look at planes soaring in the sky and wish you were up there?

We live in times where conventional 9-to-5 jobs aren't the norm, and thanks to the internet, we can share our stories and feel closer than ever!

If you love to travel and share your travel experienceswith friends and family, then maybe travel bloggingis the career for you!

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But what exactly does it mean to be a travel blogger?

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What does a travel blogger do?

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A travel blogger travels the world, shares their experiences, and publishes all of this on their blog.


  • Photograph and record travel experiences

  • Organize itineraries

  • Write, edit, and upload blog posts

  • Give useful travel advice to their followers

  • Build a social media online presence

  • Review food and accommodations

  • Find ways to get sponsorships online

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The fun stuff!

  • Freebies when travelling

  • Using data abroad

  • Best restaurants/cafes to visit

  • Must-see attractions

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The less glamourous stuff:

  • Visas

  • Vaccinations

  • Transportation

  • Safety

How do you start a travel blog?

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Here are some essential tips to consider before writing:

  • Treat your blog like a business and invest time into working on it.

  • Plan ahead and stay organized. Think about where you'll be travelling to, and how you'll get there, then allocate time towards creating content.

  • Focus on the readers. Thinking about what the audience wants could lead to a loyal fanbase.

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  • Find an exclusive niche that no one else is doing in the travel blogging space.

  • Be yourself and be authentic.

  • Learn! Try to constantly improve your travel knowledge, writing skills, and blogging.

  • Record everything and often!

  • Be consistent and persistent as it keeps your audience intrigued and interested.


What should you do to get started with a blog? Select all that apply:

Is being a travel blogger the right fit for me?

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You need to evaluate if it is the right path for you:

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You will love it if you:

  • Are passionate about travel

  • Are ok with being self-employed

  • Love to write

  • Are open to all experiences

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You will hate it if you:

  • Don't like being alone

  • Prefer not to post and write consistently

  • Don't like being on the move often

  • Want to have a stable income

What key skills does a travel blogger need?

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Some of the skills that can help you to be a travel blogger are:

  • Excellent sales and promotion skills to run ads on your site

  • Strong written and communication skills

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Self-motivation

  • Tech and photography skills

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You're about to write a blog post that offers advice to your audience on how to enjoy Paris on a budget. How should you prepare for the post? Select all that apply:

How much money can a travel blogger make?

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Flaticon Icon The average salary for a travel blogger in the UK is $18,000 - £27000.

Flaticon Icon The average salary for a travel blogger in USA is $64,846.

The amount you make will depend on "how long you have been blogging, the size of your audience, digital traffic, and your niche."

Take Action

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So you've decided you want to be a travel blogger! Here are some things to think about going forward:


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