Do you find it easy to make people laugh?

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If so, consider a career as a stand-up comedian! You'll have the chance to:

  • write and perform your own monologues on stage at small to large venues

  • tell stories of personal experiences to entertain your audience

You might even catch a "big break" and get roles on commercials and TV shows!

What Do They Do?

  • Perform jokes or skits on stage

  • Travel to different venues to perform with other Comedians

  • Share their story or life experience through comedy monologues

  • Take different classes for acting, improv or improve on their public speaking

  • Audition for roles in shows or commercials

  • Rehearse and practice material for a show

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Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Thick Skin - Can you handle honest criticism?

  • Ambitious - Will you hustle to reach your goals?

  • Patience - Are you prepared to wait for the right breaks?

  • Endurance - Can you stay up all night?

  • Flexible - Can you handle last-minute changes?

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Where should aspiring comedians go to get stand-up experience?

Show Me The Money

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You may not make much money when you start, so you'll probably still need a day job to pay the bills.

You might not see a sustainable salary from performing until later in your career. The amount of money you'll make depends on your location, the jobs available, and the connections you have.

Here are some pay ranges for top performers :

  • Rookie comedians — up to $200 USD per show

  • Opening acts — up to $10,000 USD per show

  • TV shows — a range of $20,000 - $150,000 USD per season

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