We've all dealt with them at some point...

The principal of South Park's school explaining why he's expelling someone's child.

School principals!

They're often the villain in movies and TV shows, but the job is about more than discipline and rules.

High-quality guidance and leadership are required in all schools, so if you're pursuing a career in education, being a school principal is a position to aspire to!

How Do Principals Contribute To Schools?

A school principal must be a dynamic and versatile leader.

With that role, many different jobs like financial controller, disciplinarian, school representative, and curriculum consultant can lie in your responsibility. 

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This is why principals play an essential role in the organization, administration, and management of the school. 

They direct curricula, create agendas, and guarantee that every student has the best chance of success.

What Does A Principal Do Every Day?

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Manage school performance

The principal is held responsible for the school’s academic performance, so you have to ensure and improve the quality of the school, oversee how students perform on standardized tests, and make decisions to foster improvement if needed.

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Handle the school's budget

With guidance from the district’s school board, the principal decides how to spend the school’s money.

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Make hiring decisions

With little interference from the human resources department and school board, the principal must hire the right teachers and support staff.

What Else?

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Communicate with parents

School principals must have excellent communication skills and patience to communicate regularly with concerned parents.

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Take good care of school culture

The way teachers and other staff members collaborate, and share values and assumptions about learning are also navigated by the school principal and his team.

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Manage and supervise students, staff, and other faculty members

Principals not only supervise student instruction. They also oversee teachers and other instructional personnel to ensure that they're fulfilling educational requirements.

But Is It The Right Thing For ME?

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You'll love it if…

  • you like leading groups, whether in official (job, university, etc.) or private settings (sport, groups of friends, etc.)

  • you like interacting with a lot of different people and building strong relationships

  • you're well-organized and can handle multiple situations in one day

  • you're not afraid of responsibility

  • you believe in the value of a high-quality education

Principal Skinner from the Simpsons at his desk, pointing his hand and saying,

You'll hate it if…

  • you like strict routine

  • you like to work on your own

  • you don’t like multitasking

  • you don’t want to be interrupted during your workday

And Will It Pay The Bills?

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Average yearly salary is $101,702

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Average yearly salary is US $109,641

Still Interested?

Now you might ask yourself...

"How can I become a school principal?"

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It is mostly a combination of:

  • formal education (Bachelor degree in teaching/Master in school administration)

  • certifications

  • experience (in teaching or as an assistant principal)

  • study

  • professional networking

  • individual conviction

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Does it sound like being a school principal could be the perfect job for you?

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