So, you want to be a school librarian?

Spoiler alert: You won't be reading books all day.

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A school librarian is essential to any school. They provide access to information and technology to students and teachers in the building.

So, is this the right career for you?

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a school librarian will vary based on the general responsibilities assigned by the principal and the schedule. General responsibilities could include:

  • Teaching classes throughout the day.

  • Overseeing the library collection, such as updating resources in the catalog and checking books in and out.

  • Resolving any tech issues in the building.

  • Managing the budget to acquire materials that meet the needs of the school.

  • Creating book displays to promote books.

  • Working with students and increasing literacy rates.

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Library Scheduling

Not all school libraries run on the same schedule. They can be:

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Classes come at a designated time every week. A lesson incorporating a library skill will be taught to each grade level/class with time usually allotted to check out books.

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Teachers make arrangements to come to the library as needed. On a flexible schedule, classes will come to the library to check out books, learn about research skills and digital literacy, or for you to co-teach a class.


Which responsibility would a school librarian NOT be expected to do?


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I'm interested. What type of education do I need?

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You'll typically need the following:

  1. Bachelor's degree — There are no limits to what you can major in to prepare for a career as a school librarian.

  2. Teaching license

  3. Master's degree in one of the following:

    • Education with a focus on School Librarianship

    • Library and Information Science

What type of salary can I expect?

American flag icon. In the US, the average salary for a school librarian is $60,189 USD.

Canadian flag icon. In Canada, the average salary for a school librarian is $44,500 CAD.

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Is it Right for Me?

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You'll enjoy being a school librarian if you like...

  • Working with children and young adults to help them find books and information.

  • Collaborating with teachers and administrators to help reach goals set at the beginning of the school year.

  • Teaching lessons on digital literacy and research skills, and being able to adapt lessons to grade levels.

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However, you should think twice if...

  • You need consistency. No day in the library will be exactly the same.

  • You don't like working with technology. You'll have to stay up to date on the latest technology.

  • You expect to read all day. You'll be too busy with all your tasks.

Quiz: Choose the Future School Librarian

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Meghan loves teaching 3rd grade and prefers a set schedule with no changes to the routine.

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Lucy loves helping people of all ages find information and learning new technologies that can help her patrons.

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Chris enjoys helping adult learners develop their research skills. He finds it difficult to adapt his teaching style to a younger audience.

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Ron loves to read and enjoys offering book recommendations. He prefers to work alone.


Who would make the best future school librarian?

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