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Did you ever lose a lot of money on a deal? Was it a lot of money?

What if that deal was over a house?

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Who decides how much a house is worth?

A residential appraiser, that's who!

What Do They Do (And Where Do They Do It)?

Their main job is to decide the value of a property. How?

  • Inspect properties new and old

  • Photograph inside and outside

  • Measure and calculate property size

  • Compare nearby properties

  • Write written reports and valuations

  • Work in an office and in the field

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What Skills Are Valued In Residential Appraisal?

You might be a good choice if you:

🧐 like to analyze things and solve problems

📅 are highly organized and can manage time well

🤲 have some customer service skills

📐 have some math skills (high school algebra should be enough)

Take the Holland Career Code Test and find out if you're a match. According to the test, residential appraisers are:

  • Building/Realistic (R)

  • Persuading/Enterprising (E)

  • Organizing/Conventional (C)

What Am I Worth As A Residential Appraiser?

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Average Salary: C$ 72,000

Approx. C$ 35.71/hr

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Average Salary: US$ 58,650/yr

Approx. US$ 28.20/hr

Pay increases with more education, expertise, and experience. Some appraisers also make bonuses and commissions that can greatly increase yearly income.

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