What's a personal financial advisor?

A money-talking math wizard? Nope.

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Instead, think of a qualified coach who improves people’s financial wealth.

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Take a walk in a financial advisor’s shoes to see if the career is right for you!

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Your Role

As a personal trainer of your client’s wealth, you'll first listen to their short and long-term financial goals.

Then, you'll make informed plans and build packages to improve their finances.


Meet Your Clients

Benu, 40

She’s ready to start a college fund for her toddler and reduce her home and credit card loans this year.

Eissa, 57

He wants to ensure his finances and belongings are transferred to his children with maximum ease, wealth, and benefits once he is deceased.

Cam, 32

Their short and long-term financial goals include buying a home next year, improving their investment portfolio, and retirement.

Yu, 21

She received $85,000 in a legal settlement and wants to invest it for her future. She doesn’t know where to start.

How You’ll Help Your Clients

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As a financial advisor, your daily workout might include:

  • Researching financial markets and analysis

  • Analyzing your client’s taxes, loans, money accounts, and other assets

  • Giving advice and creating action plans

  • Preparing financial reports and investment performances and projections

  • Monitoring client accounts

  • Following up with clients

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Your client, Yu wants to turn her $85,000 into $1 million in 40 years. Which task would you use to show her how her money could grow?

Career Fit

Flaticon Icon ✅ You'll love this career if you have the following skillset:

  • education in finance, business, communications, or psychology

  • positive relationship building skills

  • data analysis

  • ability to lead presentations

  • active listening skills

  • negotiation skills

❌ Consider another career if you don't want to...

  • constantly think about growing your client base

  • keep studying and earning licenses

  • worry about keeping clients happy with your performance

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Eissa wants to ensure you understand his concerns about his children’s ease in accessing his assets once he is deceased. 
Understanding his point of view and financial goal is an example of:

The Payoff

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💡 Look at your base pay + potential earnings in bonuses for a total package amount.

  • $49,739 average Canadian base salary

  • $1,000 - $10,000 opportunities for bonuses and profit-sharing

  • $74,760 average US base salary

  • $1,000 - $100,000+ opportunities for bonuses, profit-sharing, and commission

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