Museum curator. Sounds fancy! woman passes by a framed piece of art in a museum

It makes sense why you might think so. In general, museum curators take care of, collect, and display collections of art, objects, and artifacts.

Not only that, but they also present and organize a collection of work for the public. They think about the cultural and social value of the art and objects on display.

Where Can You Find A Museum Curator?

Museum curators can be found in all kinds of places:

  • public or private museums

  • private galleries

  • libraries

  • archives

  • historical sites

  • similar institutions

There's even a new kind of museum curator for online curation — so even the internet is a potential workplace!

A Typical Day For A Museum Curator

  • Early morning — Morning call with a subject matter expert to help with a new collection

  • Mid-morning — Visit the exhibition site for a new collection and advise on the displays

  • Before lunch — Work on developing the new catalog system for the upcoming exhibition

  • Afternoon — Meet with the online web developer to choose images and text for the online interactive exhibition

Im Busy Social Media GIF by CBC As an expert in the fieldas well as the main planner and organizer, a museum curator could find themselves very busy but highly rewarded.


What could a museum curator would be asked to do?

So, How Can I Be A Museum Curator?

Museum curators are consideredexperts in the field of art, history, and humanities, so they typically require a high level of education.

According to a survey conducted by, most curators had obtained at least a master's degree before becoming a curator.

Most degrees were in the following fields of study:

  • Museum Studies

  • Art Criticism & Conversation

  • Art History

  • Applied History


Can I become a museum curator if I have a Masters in Fine Art?

Sounds Great! But Does It Pay?

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Here's the answer we've all been waiting for...

Average Salary

Annual salary

$58,490 per year

Hourly wage

$28 per hour

Entry Level Salary

Entry-level annual salary

$29, 010 to $39,580 per year

Entry-level hourly wage

$14 to $19 per hour

Of course, the range for museum curators, depending on the size of the institution, level of experience, and level of education of the curator. The range can fall between $33,000 to $97,000 per year. 

So, Is This The Right Path For You?

This job is...

Great for people who...

  • Flaticon Icon like to organize and plan things

  • start and develop projects with a team of people

  • like to problem-solve and think of solutions

  • like to work indoors

  • like to learn or write about a subject extensively

Not so great for people who...

  • Flaticon Icon want to work on more practice or hands-on projects

  • don't like to or have the opportunity to study extensively on a subject

  • don't like taking risks

  • don't like making connections or taking business calls

  • want to work outdoors

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