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Are you interested in protecting public safety and preventing environmental damage?

If so, consider a role as a hazmat technician!

What do hazmat technicians do?

Hazmat (hazardous materials) technicians respond to emergencies involving dangerous substances.

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Equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respirators, eye protection, and suits, hazmat technicians control and contain the spread of hazardous materials safely and effectively.

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Common materials handled include:

  • asbestos

  • radioactive waste

  • mold

  • lead

  • mercury.

These materials may be:

  • toxic

  • radioactive

  • flammable

  • explosive

  • corrosive.

They first identify the material, then dispose of it correctly.

How do I become a hazmat technician?

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To become a hazmat technician, you'll need:

  • a high school diploma

  • to complete a HAZMAT training program

  • to pass a background check

  • to be in good physical shape to carry and work in heavy protective gear

For specialized roles or to work for the government, you'll also need:

  • a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or environmental science

  • advanced training and certifications in specific areas — for example, cargo tankers or weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)

Who can I work for?

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Hazmat technicians work for a variety of employers, including:

  • private companies, such as factories, transportation, healthcare, and consulting firms

  • government agencies, including local, state, and federal

  • within police, firefighter, and emergency medical technician (EMT) departments as a specialist

  • research institutions

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Depending who you work for, you may:

  • handle different types of hazardous materials

  • have a different pay-scale

  • work different hours

  • be required to have different certifications

What kind of pay can I expect?

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Hazmat technicians make on average $44,886 per year.

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Hazmat technicians make on average $52,169 per year.

Is this career right for me?

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This might sound good if you're...

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  • interested in the sciences, environmental safety, and public health

  • like being physically active

  • like to work under pressure

  • enjoy analysis and investigation to solve problems

  • someone who loves learning — every day has new situations…and equipment

This may not sound good if you ...

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  • don't like emergency work in dangerous conditions

  • don't like working on-call, 24/7

  • don't like physically demanding work and wearing PPE in hot and claustrophobic conditions for extended periods of time

  • don't like completing lots of paperwork


Which strength would be best suited for a role as a hazmat technician?

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