Do you find yourself worrying about our Earth's future?

Do you love solving problems and conducting lab experiments?

If the answer is "yes!" then you might consider becoming an environmental scientist!

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What does an environmental scientist do?

Environmental scientists solve environmental problems for governments or businesses.

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You might be thinking: OK, but how?


  • gather environmental data (soil, water, air, etc.)

  • analyze data to determine problems that may have a negative environmental impact on things like plants and animals

  • create solutions, prevention plans, and conservation plans

  • advise businesses on lessening environmental problems

  • advise governments on environmental and conservation regulations

Where do environmental scientists work?

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  • in labs with the data gathered by technicians from various environments in the field

  • outdoors gathering samples

  • in offices (for example, governmental offices)

How do I become an environmental scientist?

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You'll need:

  • a minimum of a bachelor's degree in environmental science

  • core courses in biology, chemistry, geology, and math

  • lab and field experience, which you'll complete as part of your upper level courses

How much will I get paid?

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In the US, environmental scientists make a range of $46,200-192,070 with an average of $76,530 per year.

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In Canada, the pay range is $44,000 to $81,000 with an average of $57,047 per year.

Become an environmental scientist if...

  • you're analytical and enjoy solving problems that are impacting the earth such as reducing pollution or limiting climate change

  • you enjoy and are great at writing and communicating

  • you like to work on a team that's as passionate as you are about the health of the environment

You might want to consider another career if...

  • you want to work from home or a desk job

  • you like to work alone

  • you prefer to work in a comfortable setting or indoors

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All four of the students below are passionate about the environment but aren't sure what career path to take. Who might make a good environmental scientist?

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