What comes to your mind when you think of a firefighter?

Fireman Sam giving a thumbs up


A shirtless firefighter holding a hammer

Well, it's more than this.

Firefighting is full of action !

Minion firefighters in action

How Do You Know If Firefighting Is Right For You?

Dog in a firefighter outfit saying, "I have no idea what I'm doing."

What will you do?

  • put out fires

  • rescue the sick and injured

  • prevent future fires

  • investigate the sources of fires

  • educate the community about fire prevention

A Typical Day For A Firefighter


  • Check PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) — turnout jacket, pants, boots, air supply, and personal alert devices

  • Check and wash the fire truck — sirens, ladder, etc.

  • Get equipment ready for service — changing batteries on radios and heart monitors

  • The crew cleans, mops, and vacuums all living areas and bathrooms of the fire station

  • Crew meeting to discuss day's activities

And of course, emergency events can alter your schedule!

Work, Work, Work .......

When responding to calls, you:

Flame in frying pan, 2 dogs run to kitchen. Dog 1 dressed as a firefighter, dog 2 dressed as fire truck

  • put out fires

  • do technical rescues

  • attend to medical emergencies

  • stop hazardous material spills

When not responding to calls, you:

2 firefighters drilling to run with a ladder and climb a building using the ladder

  • train to improve and/or maintain firefighting skills

  • have physical fitness training (1- hour mandatory, everyday)

  • do pre-fire planning

  • do hydrant maintenance

  • do child safety seat installations

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork!

Teamwork is critical in firefighting.

Imagine you are in an active firefighting situation.

You want to know that your team has got your back — and they want to know that you've got theirs, too.

6 puppies eating food from same food bowl while circling it


What characteristic is most important for a firefighter in an emergency?

But Does It Pay Bills ?

Flaticon Icon A typical full-time annual salary a firefighter makes in Canada is $75,000 – $105,000.

Flaticon Icon A typical full-time annual salary a firefighter makes in USA is $50,850 – $111,550

You Will Love It if...

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  • you are a risk taker

  • team player

  • people person

  • work well under pressure

Take Action

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Do you already have some of the skills needed?

Flaticon Icon Tip: Starting as a volunteer firefighter will help you get your foot in the door at your local fire department.


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