Are you friends with numbers?

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Data engineers deal with plenty of numbers all the time. But this position requires high level communicating skills too!

If you're good at numbers and good with people, data engineering might be the right job for you.

First, Check Your Interest!

Most data engineers enjoy problem-solving using data, discovering patterns in numbers, and presenting their work with numerical facts.

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If these are some of your interest, congratulations! You're a good candidate for a future career in data engineering.

Second, Check Your Ability!

Data engineers are usually good at:

  1. Statistical Thinking

    Using data-based facts to make the best decisions.

  2. Communication Skills:

    Telling people what you want you create.

  3. Creativity:

    Coming up with ideas and solve problems.

  4. Coding:

    Implementing your ideas.

Do you have these abilities? Or are you excited about learning them?

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As a data engineer, your skills allow you to:

Third, Ask Professionals!

Sometimes, a job can be very different from what you imagined.

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Ask someone in the position about:

  1. Average salary?

    In Canada, the average hourly rate is $51.29 USD/hr , and $50.31 USD/hr in the US.

  2. Work life balance?

    It can be a busy job, so you want to make sure you're not working more than you want to during off-hours.

  3. Anything else that interests you!

    Think of companies or industries where you can be useful as a data engineer.


Where can an aspiring data engineer connect with their community?

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