Have you ever held a perfectly crisp dollar bill, inhaled its unique money smell, and just wanted to savor that moment?

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As a bank teller, you'll not only get to have many of these moments but also help people with their financial needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a bank teller, you will:

  • Handle cash and checks

  • Answer customer questions

  • Order bank cards and checks

  • Balance cash drawers

  • Process money orders and traveler's checks

  • Exchange foreign currency

  • Enter information into the computer

  • Verify customer accounts and information

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Education and Training

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You need at least a high school diploma to be a bank teller, but you'll learn how to do the job through training by a senior or head teller. Usually, training lasts for a month.

Below are some examples of what you can expect to learn on the job:

  • Using computer software

  • How to balance cash drawers

  • Financial products and options

  • How to verify customer accounts and signatures

  • Who to refer customers to when they require other services

Skills and Competencies

Every job requires some kind of skill set before starting. Here are a few skills that will help you succeed as a bank teller:

  • Math skills — you'll be able to use technology to help with calculation, but you should already have solid math skills.

  • Customer service skills — the bank teller is the face of the bank and you'll need to know how to work with customers.

  • Computer skills — you'll be trained in the software used at the bank, but it's expected you'll have basic knowledge of computers.

  • Attention to detail — an error could result in serious consequences, such as lost money, angry customers, or loss of business.


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Flaticon Icon The salary for bank tellers in the U.S. ranges from $28,120 to $46,320. The median salary is $36,310.

Flaticon Icon The salary for bank tellers in Canada ranges from $30,000 to $57,000 on average.

Prospective Bank Teller

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Mindy is a recent high school graduate that wants to attend college in the fall and major in business. She wants a summer job that will help her save up money for an apartment but doesn't want anything too intense.

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Jacob had to put his education on hold to help his mom when she got sick, but now he's ready to find a job. He enjoys playing video games, painting, and hiking. He doesn't mind learning new skills and is really good with computers.

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LaTasha is working full-time as a cashier at a grocery store, but really wants to do something else. She wants a more fulfilling job that allows her to use more problem-solving skills.

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Alex has a master's degree in computer science and is now looking for job opportunities. They have a minor in mathematics and want something that allows for remote work.


Which person is the best match for the job of a bank teller?

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