What do you want to be when you grow up?

It's an innocent question, but if you have no idea how to answer, it may cause you stress.

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Reflect on these personal factors to help guide you towards a career that's right for you.

What Skills Do You Have?

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Make a list of your skills. What are you good at?

Identify related careers for each skill.

  • You're good at math = research accounting or banking

  • You're very organized = research office management or event planning

  • You're good at selling stuff = research marketing or sales

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What skills do you want?

Make a list of careers that can help you get skills you want to develop.


Katie is good at debating. Which of these careers should she research?

What Are Your Interests?

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Make a list of all your interests. What could you do all day for free?

Identify related careers for each interest.

  • You like helping others learn new skills = research teaching or coaching

  • You like building things = research engineering or construction

  • You like computers = research programming or web design

Captain America says, 'Are you sure about this?'

Consider what you don't like. 

What would you NOT want to do all day?

Identify related careers to avoid.

If you don't like the sight of blood, avoid a career as a doctor.

If you don't like writing, avoid journalism.


Sam can't stand the sight of blood. Which careers may he want to avoid?

What Education Is Required?

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You now have a list of careers that match your skills and interests.

Identify education requirements for each career.

  • You need training or certification for a career as a plumber or arborist.

  • You need a college degree for a career as a teacher or an engineer.

  • You need an advanced degree for a career as a doctor or a lawyer.

  • You can get on the job training for a career in retail or sales.

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