Considering adoption but not sure if it is for you?

Knowing the pros and cons of different adoption options will help you make up your mind.

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Pros And Cons Of Adoption


  • Experience the joy of being a parent

  • Provide a loving home to a child

  • Bring peace of mind to the child's birth parents

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  • Adoption fees can be costly

  • Child may have emotional issues or unknown medical history

  • Child may want to reunite with birth parents later in life

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Factors To Consider

  • Your readiness: if you're not ready, you may regret your choice.

  • The age of the child: start raising a child shortly after their birth, or adopt an older child.

  • Background information on the child: this will help you determine if you have the financial and emotional resources needed to support your child.

  • Adoption options: there are a few options to consider such as domestic vs international adoptions, and open vs closed adoptions.

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Adoption Options

  • Closed adoption: when there's no contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents.

  • Semi-open adoption: when the birth parents have some choice about which adoptive parents will raise the child.

  • Open adoption: when both the birth parents and adoptive parents share contact information and remain in contact.

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Liz and David want to adopt a child. It's important to them to have their child know who their birth mother is and to connect with her. What type of adoption should they go with?

Pros And Cons Of Each Adoption Option

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Each option has a different way of dealing with your and your child's relationship to the birth parents.


  • Closed adoptions: you won't have to worry about about you and your child's relationship with their birth parents.

  • Semi-open adoptions: you'll be able to access your child's medical history and other important information through a mediator.

  • Open adoptions: direct contact with the child's birth parents means you'll have direct access to your child's medical and family history.


  • Closed adoptions: your child will not be able to meet their biological family if they ever want to.

  • Semi-open adoptions: your child will have limited contact with their birth parents, which could be an issue later on if the child wants more contact.

  • Open adoptions: there may be boundary issues between adoptive and birth parents, who might not share the same parenting values.

Cost Of Adoption

Choose between independent adoption or through an agency. Costs vary depending on you choice:

  • An independent adoption through a lawyer can cost $15,000 - $40,000.

  • If you adopt through an agency, it can cost $20,000 - $45,000 depending on the state.

  • International adoption can cost $20,000 - $40,000.

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Adoption is a big commitment!

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