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Understanding the two basic types of marketing: relationship marketing and transactional marketing provides a strong foundation for building a successful marketing strategy.

Transactional Marketing vs Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing puts off immediate sales and instead seeks to build long-term , sustainable connections with customers.

It focuses on the "we are here for you" approach to marketing rather than the "we have something you want" approach.

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Relationship marketing works to keep customers coming back . This is important because acquiring new customers is much more costly than retaining them.

Transactional Marketing

Transactional marketing simply means marketing with the objective of achieving a transaction or sale. 

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Transactional marketing has the purpose of maximizing a business' sales efficiency by boosting the volume of individual sales , instead of developing an ongoing relationship with the consumer.

It is useful for meeting short-term targets.

Case Study: Tour Company

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Consider the case of a Bus Tour Company that targets tourists.

Most customers are only in town for a few days and will purchase a single ticket.


Which would be more appropriate: a transactional or relationship marketing approach?

Case Study: Apple

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Apple is a technology company that sells laptops, phones, and other high end tech accessories.


Based on what you learned, which marketing approach would be more appropriate for Apple?

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Making use of a combination of both strategies is ideal for achieving best results.

Can you think of one example of relationship marketing in your life?


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