Most people feel at least a little bit apprehensive in social situations.

When social anxiety kicks in:

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Ugh! Social Anxiety is real and it affects 6-13% of teens and young adults. These strategies can help.


Mindfulness techniques can help you stay calm in the face of anxiety.

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  • Yoga

  • Breathing exercises

  • Staying present in the moment

  • Focusing

  • Apps such as Calm or Headspace

Try This:

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Or this:

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Scenario: Troy's Crush

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Troy gets really anxious every time when his crush walks by and is afraid to start a conversation.


Which activity might help Troy deal with his social anxiety?

Studying hard

Tai Chi




Aerobic exercise (anything that gets your heart beating) reduces stress.

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Pilates, jogging, walking, hiking, or anything that combines movement and breath are great aerobic activities.

Try This:

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Scenario: Dakota's Presentation

Flaticon IconDakota has to do a presentation in front of a group of peers. Anxiety has kicked in days ahead of time.


What could Dakota do to help alleviate the stress of the upcoming presentation?

Prepare, then cross their fingers

Dance it out

Call in sick

Read self-help books

Positive Self-Talk

Perfectionism and fear of being judged often go hand-in-hand with social anxiety

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Rather than worrying and rehearsing how things could go wrong, come up with positive mantras or phrases and repeat or reflect on them daily:

  • I can do this

  • I don't have to be perfect

  • I am strong

Try this:

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Scenario: Niki's Worries

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Niki worries a lot about what people think, and gets really anxious at social gatherings.


What could Niki do to help with these anxieties?

Meditate on scripture verses

Recite inspirational quotes

Repeat encouraging phrases daily

All of these

Enlist The Help Of Friends

It can be hard to talk with someone about your social anxiety but friends and family can be there to support you through it.

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Friends can help with:

  • Practicing small talk

  • Staying by your side at a social gathering

  • Encouraging you

Scenario: Alex's Interview

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Alex has an upcoming interview and is freaking out!


How could Alex's friends help?

Distract Alex with funny jokes

Tell Alex to stop stressing

Advise Alex to skip the interview

Role play an interview

Take Action

You are not alone in your experience of social anxiety!

Prepare for your next social event with these strategies:

You can do it!

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