"Everyone has a plan until they get hit...then they stop and freeze." So said boxer Mike Tyson in an interview. We've all been metaphorically punched before and needed to consider how we can get back on our feet.

What comes to mind when you hear the word grit?

  • Rough sandpaper?

  • Sand on the road to give drivers traction?

Both are correct. Here's the dictionary meaning: courage, resolve and strength of character. These traits are like traction. They get and keep things moving in the right direction.

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We need traction in our personal and professional lives, to persevere through hardship, uncertainty, and reach our goals.

What's Personal Perseverance?

To persevere personally, could mean:

  • Working out every morning, even when you want to sleep in.

  • Putting money in a savings account each week, even when your favorite store has a sale.

  • Reaching out to a family member to connect, even though you sometimes find it challenging to get along.

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So, how do you do this? Well begun is half done. Meaning, if you set a goal with the end result in mind, success will come.

There will be setbacks and failures - but to persevere means to keep going.


Is it a good strategy to set a goal and expect results as quickly as possible?

What Does Professional Perseverance Mean?

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To persevere professionally could mean:

  • Staying focused on your work, even when others are gossiping.

  • Hitting your deadline, even when there are competing priorities.

  • Showing up and trying your best, even after you receive negative feedback.

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