Common hazards for your hearing

Excessive noise at work

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Volume controls on electronics

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Concerts and discos

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Restaurants and cafés

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Loud tools and machinery

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Foreign bodies in the ear

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Disease and infection

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Tips to reduce hearing hazards

First, it is important to be aware: your hearing is delicate and cannot regenerate once it is lost!

Tips to reduce hearing loss:

  • Sound bounces off of hard, flat surfaces. Soften the surfaces of a room or office by adding carpet, plush furniture, fabric on the walls, or plants.

  • Block gaps under doors to prevent unwanted noise from entering the room.

  • Keep the volume of your TV, radio, and stereo as low as possible. EXTRA CARE must be taken when using headphones - keep the volume as low as possible.

  • At concerts and clubs, avoid standing close to the speakers. Use earplugs or wear a cap that covers your ears in especially loud environments.

  • Avoid overly noisy restaurants and cafes.

  • Wear ear protection whenever using noisy tools or machinery.

  • Do not use cotton swabs to clean inside your ears, as they increase the risk of infection. Clean ears carefully with warm water when bathing.

  • Ear aches and infections can lead to hearing loss. Visit a medical professional right away should you experience any ongoing pain in your ear.


Mohammed does the following actions. Which one could help him prevent hearing loss?

Take Action

Now that you're aware of some common hearing hazards, ask yourself:

How might I be damaging my hearing?

Once you have noticed these hazards, ask yourself:

What can I do to better protect my hearing?

Remember - once hearing is lost, it cannot be naturally recovered. Start protecting your hearing health today!


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