Job interviews are stressful. A little preparation can help you feel more confident.

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For each interview, create an Interview Prep Document.

Try It!

  • Start a new document on your computer in Word or Google Docs.

  • Title it “Job Interview Prep - Company Name."

  • Add to this document as you read each section below.

Before we get started, I am sure you may feel some nervousness or anxiety during the interview. Here is a Byte on how you can control it during the interview and appear confident!

Employer Information

Interviewers like candidates who are interested in their organization, not just any job.

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Try It!

Spend an hour reading the company website and take notes.

Find and add to your document:

  • Mission, vision, and values

  • Hiring process

  • Benefits

Annotate The Job Description

Review the responsibilities and qualifications in the job description. Compare them to your own skills and experiences.

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Try It!

Copy the job description to your document for easy reference, then add related comments and questions.

Write down for each:

  • Your related experience

  • Gaps in your experience

  • Clarifying questions for the interviewer

Check out this Byte and learn how to frame your past experiences and skills to match job descriptions.

Answers To Common Questions

After a detailed review of the job description and your notes, prepare possible answers to common interview questions.

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Try It!

Use your notes and the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Results) to write at least 5 stories from your experience related to the job description.

Learn more about the STAR Technique and ace your behavioural job interview questions!


Write down your answers and practice them out loud. This will help you remember them and pick the most relevant experience to share during the interview.

Click to learn more about how to answer:

"Tell me about yourself"

"Why did you apply for this job?"

"What are your strengths?"

Questions For The Interviewer

Remember: You are interviewing the company too. Ask questions to learn more about the job and the company. This will help you figure out if it's a good fit for you.

any questions

Questions Are Good!

  • Collect questions from your notes

  • Group related questions

  • Prioritize questions per interview phase (recruiter, manager, coworker, offer)

Sample Questions

  • What's most challenging about this role?

  • What should I expect to accomplish in the first 3-6 months?

  • What do you like most about working here?

Take Action


Now that your research and preparation is done, you are ready to approach your interview with confidence.

Next, prepare for behavioral interview questions by learning more about the STAR technique.

Before each interview, review your Interview Prep Document for that job so the information is fresh in your mind.

Also don't forget to follow-up after your interview. Learn how to send the perfect interview follow-up.

Good luck in your next interview!


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