Need to find a job but the thought of interviewing has you like:

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Not to worry: you got this!

Here are some tips to help manage and harness anxiety or stress so you can land that job!

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The Stress Response: What Is It?

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It's normal to feel stress or anxiety before something as important as a job interview. It's a form of eustress, or good stress, that helps you power through to achieve your goal and push you to new heights.

You can harness the energy of eustress to be better focused and prepared to do a good job on an interview!

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The Stress Response: How To Use It?

There are several methods you can use to harness anxiety and stress during a job interview. Remember, your body is reacting this way because it's gearing up to make sure you do well. To harness this energy positively:

  1. Prepare

  2. Stay positive

  3. Practice healthy habits

  4. Use relaxation techniques

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Practice interview questions, your responses to them, and the narrative of your skills and experiences.

Research the company you'll be interviewing with so there are no surprises.

The more you practice and research, the better you become at interviewing, which will make you feel prepared and confident!

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How should you prepare for an interview?

Stay Positive

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Repeat after me: "I can do this!"

To counter any negative thoughts:

  • challenge them with logic

  • repeat positive statements

  • visualize success

Write down any thoughts that are swirling in your mind. This simple act has been proven to reduce anxiety.

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You have an interview tomorrow and you're nervous about making mistakes. What can you do to reduce your anxiety?

Practice Healthy Habits

Be careful of what you eat and drink before an interview: avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can increase anxiety.

Reduce stressors unrelated to the interview so you can be in your best frame of mind.

Practice self-compassion. Try not to critique or be too harsh on yourself — be your own champion!

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Use Relaxation Techniques

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Focus on your breathing and take slow, deep breaths. This helps you remain calm, pause before speaking, and allows you time to think about your answer.

Stand with confidence and smile. These physical gestures positively affect your mind and have a calming effect.

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You are sitting in the lobby waiting for your interview. What techniques can calm your nerves and help you feel more confident?

Take Action

By practicing these habits, you'll be better prepared to ace that interview and land that dream job. So remember:

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