Are you looking to excite someone with a homecooked meal, and wondering if it can be done on a budget? Impressive meals don't need to be expensive!

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Mix and match these 4 tips to cook a delcious dinner that won't break the bank.

1. Find recipes with fewer ingredients

A quick web search can guide you to dishes that can be made with just 5-10 ingredients.

Using fewer ingredients not only saves you money, it also makes grocery shopping a breeze!

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Here are a couple of websites to get you started:

2. Check to see what food you already have

Take a moment to inspect your fridge or pantry and build your dish around ingredients you already have.

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Once you've taken inventory of the food you have, take some time exploring websites or apps that allow you to search for recipes by ingredient:

  • Supercook — a recipe search engine that allows you to search for recipes with the ingredients you already have. Also available as an app!

  • Allrecipes — an online cooking community that has tons of recipes that you can search for by ingredient.

3. Use spices and fresh herbs

Spices and herbs are cost-effective ways to add flavor.

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Spices can be used on anything from vegetables and eggs to seasoning meat, tofu, or fish. You can also mix and match spices to create new flavor combinations.

Some affordable spices include cumin, crushed red pepper, curry powder, and cinnamon.

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Buying fresh of dried herbs can give ordinary dishes a new life. Choose a couple of your favorite herbs and start incorporating them into dishes that you already make.

Affordable herbs include cilantro, parsely, basil, mint or chives.

4. Shop at international grocery stores

Shop at specialty grocery stores that cater to the cuisine you're making.

The items sold in these stores are typically more affordable than those found at a regular supermarket because they're commonly used in that specific cuisine. For example, if you're planning to prepare a Korean dish, visit a Korean grocery store.

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Naomi has invited their crush for dinner but doesn't have a lot of money to spend. They still want to impress their date by cooking something delicious. What are some ways they can make an amazing dinner without spending too much?

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