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Want to make a professional connection and learn about your dream job at the same time?

A bit part of job hunting is connecting with professionals. So, how do you learn about the skills you'll need for your dream job and make a new work connection? A great way to do this is with an informational interview!

What Is an Informational Interview?

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An informational interview is a conversation with a new work contact. You'll have the chance to introduce yourself to someone you hope to work with.

If you're interested in a particular job at their company, you can convey your passion to work there and ask questions about the job in the conversation.

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You'll need to first get in touch by sending the person a "cold email" — an email to someone you haven't met yet. Follow these 2 steps to craft the email that will get you the informational interview you're looking for!

Step 1: Know Your Stuff!

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Do some background research on the company, role, and person you're contacting.

  • Company: Look up the company's mission statement, website, and challenges it faces in the industry.

  • Role: How can you solve industry issues if you were in the role? Why are you passionate about this?

  • Person: Has your contact published anything about the industry? Do they have any relatable experience on their LinkedIn profile?

Step 2: Craft Your Email

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Draft your email by including the following:

  • Introduce yourself right away.

  • List your education and a quick mention of your related experience.

  • Express your passion for the industry, company, and role.

  • Comment on the contact's impact on the industry, the mission of the company, and the role(s) you're interested in.

  • Request a chat to further discuss these points

  • Thank them!

Keep the entire message brief! Write in a professional style with spaces between paragraphs, an opener, and a sign-off with your first and last name, along with your LinkedIn profile link.

Take Action

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Get prepared and go for it!


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