Hello! I work as a Data Scientist at Gore Mutual. I'm here to tell you about the role so you can decide if it's the right career for you.

A data scientist working on a computer.


What makes a good Data Scientist?

Good Data Scientists are not only technically strong. They also understand and care about their product.

They collaborate closely with cross-functional partners and other Data Scientists, communicate their work, and proactively tell stories to drive the business forward.

Check out the infographic below for some basics on what a data science career looks like (or click the play button on the audio player below for an audio description):

An infographic depicting career information about data scientists.

Image source: elearninginfographics.com

Key Skills

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  • SQL is a must

  • Python or R will likely be a must or at least preferred

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Machine Learning Modeling

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Build Data Pipelines

  • Build data pipelines to simplify the querying process and schedule regular data processing activities

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Create Dashboards

  • Present data and insights to business and executive leaders as well as stakeholders in a visual format (can be charts/diagrams/plots)

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Drive Business

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Operational Excellence

  • Produce reliable and actionable insights, not just create predictive models

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Communication and Collaboration

  • Work with cross-functional teams by clearly communicating insights and recommendations

My Journey to Data Science

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  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering

  • Masters in Management Sciences focusing on Data Science

  • Started working as a Data Analyst at Gore Mutual

  • Promoted to Data Scientist

Take Action

A data scientist says,

To prepare for a role as a Data Scientist:


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