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Jamie is a science major who is interested in a career in nutrition, but she's not sure which career path to take.

She started researching various careers, but the information she received was overwhelming.

Let's help Jamie to narrow down her search to 3 careers that might interest her.

A Day In The Life of a Nutritionist

After watching the video above, Jamie began her research. She discovered that:

  • Most nutritionists work Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (a 40 hour work week).

  • They work closely with clients to help them resolve issues with their diet and lifestyle.

  • They need to spend a lot of time researching so they can stay up-to-date with nutrition strategies they can use with their clients.

Jamie then does further research to discover 3 specific specialties she can focus on as a nutritionist.

1. Licensed Nutritionist

Eat your veggies

Jamie might consider becoming a Licensed Nutritionist (LN).

Some of Jamie's duties would be to:

  • offer counseling onbest nutritional practices

  • assess client needs and create nutrition plans

  • receive guidance from health professionals on how to manage client nutrition

In order to assess client needs and convey nutrition plans, Jamie needs to be a skilled writer and listener. To provide answers for her clients, she'll also need great critical thinking abilities.

2. Registered Dietician (RD)

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A Registered Dietician's (RD) duties include:

  • determining the client's nutritional and medical needs

  • creating menus for clients and assessing the impact they have on the patients

  • assisting with the developmentof public health initiatives to inform people about nutrition

She must master the following abilities:

  • an aptitude for instructing others

  • strong decision-making abilities to assist in resolving any issues patients may encounter

Jamie will have to adhere to the requirements of the Commission on Dietetic Registration if she decides to become a Registered Dietician.

3. Clinical Dietician

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Jamie would design short- or long-term programs that center on preserving patients' health in her capacity as a clinical dietician.

  • Up until they're fully recovered, short-term programs concentrate on giving accident patients sufficient nutrition.

  • Long-term programs concentrate on healthy eating for individuals with diabetes, kidney disease, or other age-related illnesses.

Being a skilled verbal communicator, having excellent time management abilities, and being an attentive listener are just a few of the characteristics a clinical dietician should possess.

The interactions between the doctor, patient, and medical personnel are balanced by a clinical dietician, who offers patients counseling, instruction, and patient care.

A CD also offers patients additional psychological support, assisting them in carrying out the dietary recommendations made by their doctor.


Jamie has been a personal trainer for the past 3 years for a group of middle aged women. She helped group members develop healthier eating habits that fit their age, health issues, and weight loss goals. Which career path would be the best for Jamie?

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