If you love to sing and are about to take your first step into formal voice training with a qualified teacher, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

Voice lessons are much like music lessons for other instruments, such as the violin or piano — the difference is that the instrument is you!

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But to get the most out of your lessons, you still need to prepare!

1. Set achievable goals

Regardless of the material you're primarily interested in singing, you should set goals early on to have something to work toward. Common reasons for people to start taking singing lessons include:

  • To prepare to study music/singing at the university level 🎓

  • To explore a new hobby and learn some songs 🎼

  • To get ready for an upcoming audition or performance 💃

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During your first lesson, it's important to let your voice teacher know your aims and interests so they can set you on the right course. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

2. Come prepared

To get the most out of your lessons, you'll be expected to come in with your music learned and techniques practiced before every single class. Showing up to your first lesson prepared will both set up a good habit and show your teacher that you're a diligent student.

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Here are some ways you can prepare:

3. Drink water and avoid dairy

Your voice, like any other instrument, needs proper care in order to function well. Water is a critical tool in the singer's arsenal, as it keeps the vocal cords lubricated.

Dairy products, on the other hand, you should avoid consuming in the hours leading up to your lesson, as they can irritate the vocal cords and make it more difficult to sing. Save the grilled cheese sandwich for after the lesson!

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Take Action

Learning to sing can be a fulfilling activity that can open up a world of artistic possibilities. Approach your first lesson with both enthusiasm and discipline, and you may marvel at how you grow as a musician!

Take these steps to help you prepare for your first voice lesson and beyond:

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