Do you work with processes that have many steps, seem confusing, and have inconsistent outcomes each time?

Have no fear, workflow diagrams are here!

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What Are Workflow Diagrams?

A workflow diagram is a graphical representation of a process. It outlines a process step-by-step, ensuring minimal errors and consistent outcomes every time.

Workflow diagrams can be simple or complex, including information like resources, stakeholders, sub-processes, etc.

Capturing the process in one diagram helps identify and eliminate inefficiencies like redundant steps.

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Elements Of A Workflow Diagram

Basic workflow for laundry

A simple workflow diagram has the following elements:

  • Oval — Shows the start and end of a process

  • Diamond — Marks a decision point (usually based on Yes/No response)

  • Rectangle — Provides instructions or actions to follow

  • Arrows — Directs to the next step

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Nadia is organizing a food drive in her community. She's creating a workflow diagram to help volunteers understand the donor registration process:

  • If the donor has previously donated to the food drive, all that's required is their phone number to find their profile.

  • If they're a new donor, their name, email, and phone number are all required to create a profile.






Which element of the workflow diagram will help volunteers make the right choice when entering donor information?

Get Started!

  1. Select your process

  2. Consult other stakeholders

  3. Identify all steps and possible outcomes

  4. Sketch out rough workflow diagram

  5. Finalize using digital software like Lucidchart , Microsoft Visio , Microsoft PowerPoint , Canva

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