Have you ever attempted to learn a new skill...and you weren't able to?

Maybe it's just that the same old ways of learning aren't for you.

What if there was another way of learning? One that gives you the ability to truly comprehend any subject?

Well, there is, and it’s called Mastery Learning!

What Is Mastery Learning?

Mastery Learning focuses on mastering a topic or skill before you move on to a more advanced one.

Take a look at learning karate. You start from a white belt. And only when you master those beginner skills, you move on to the yellow belt.

That sounds logical, right?

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Mastery Learning is based on 3 assumptions:

  • Almost every student can learn a topic to master

  • Some students need more time than others

  • Some students need more help than others

Therefore, most students can learn if given enough time and instruction to do so.

A group of school children reading Photo by Ismail Salad Hajji dirir on Unsplash

Benefits Of Mastery Learning

No More Cramming And Forgetting

Students will understand and recall the content if they are taught mastery. It also reintroduces the sense of exploration and wonder that comes with learning.

Integrates Growth Mindset

Here's a real-life example of John Legend, a well-known musician who struggled before reaching success. He learned to use those struggles to grow as a singer.

Prepares For Lifelong Learning

Mastery Learning makes education a building process by teaching students how to learn.

Once a student knows how to learn, the world is open to them.

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Alaya is in 5th grade, but some of her 3rd grade maths concepts are not clear. What should the instructor do?

Take Action

Remember: you can learn anything!

So, if you are stuck on a problem, try Mastery Learning today.


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