Have you ever been snacking while watching a TV show, and before you know it, you've finished the whole bag?

When we're distracted, we tend to eat on "autopilot". But, did you know it can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to realize you're full?

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Eating too fast or while distracted can cause our brain to mix up signals from our body about if we're hungry or full. One way you can avoid this is through mindful eating.

What Is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating involves being present in the moment and connecting with your senses while you eat.

By eating mindfully, you can be more aware of your body's cues, as well as your feelings and thoughts about food.

Mindful eating doesn't only help avoid overeating! It can also help you:

  • Avoid restricting your diet too much

  • Manage emotions and reduce stress eating

  • Change the way you think about food


Which of the following is NOT true about mindful eating?

Check In With Yourself

Part of being mindful is being aware of how you're thinking and feeling, without judging yourself.

When eating, ask yourself:

  • How hungry am I?

  • What does my body need?

  • Halfway through this meal, do I feel satiated?

  • Am I judging whether this food is "good" or "bad"?

Questions to ask yourself based on 4 dimensions of mindfulness. Click the link in the attribution below for a text version. .

Change Your Pattern

Our environment can have a big influence on our eating habits. Changing where and how you eat can help with eating more mindfully and properly enjoying your food.

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  • Taking time to eat slowly and not rushing. For example, set a 20-minute timer and use the full time to eat your meal.

  • Chewing slowly and more thoroughly.

  • Avoiding distractions like your phone or TV and just eating while you eat.

  • Eating in silence.


Jen tends to quickly scarf down her lunch while she's working. She wants to break this habit. What could she do to eat more mindfully?

Take Action

Get started on mindful eating!

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