Okay, so, you picked the graduate program of your dreams.

Filling out those forms, go you! Then, you realize you need... a personal statement.

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Yeah, if this is your right now, don't worry. We got you.

Understand Your Purpose And Audience

Okay, first off, ask yourself these questions to help start your essay.

Why you?

  • How is this program a good fit and will benefit you?

Why me?

  • How are you a good fit and how will the program benefit from accepting you?

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What's a good sentence to include in your intro?

Writing And Developing Your Personal Statement

After you've got the purpose and audience figured out, think about how you'll write your story.

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The Scroll Of Truth

How did you become passionate about this field of study?

What examples can help tell your story?

Be detailed!


What are good examples to tell your story?

Review And Revise Your Personal Statement

Homestretch! By this time, you should make sure you have the answers to the questions above.

That Would Be Great

Review your essay

Is my essay as relevant, specific, and unique as I am?

Take Action

Alright, so you've read through this Byte, and hopefully, you're feeling motivated. You got this!

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Your personal statement is the only way you can personalize your application. Make it as memorable as you are!

What are you waiting for then?


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