• Do you cringe when you have to introduce your partner to someone when you haven’t defined the relationship?

  • Are you afraid of crossing paths with someone you know while out with your partner?

  • Are you fearful and nervous about how to introduce your partner to someone you know?

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Here's how to do it!

Crossing Paths With Someone You Know

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  • Take a deep breath

  • Stay calm and confident

  • Introduce your partner by their first name

  • Act assertive

  • Introduce your partner as your date if you're both comfortable

  • Introduce them as a "friend" when in doubt

Flaticon Icon Don't

  • Panic

  • Jump to conclusions about the other person

  • Stumble and try to define the relationship

  • Ramble on about the nature of the relationship

  • Try to avoid the other person or ignore your partner

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Managing The Interaction

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  • Remember you are in control of the situation

  • Remember you need to be comfortable with terms — if someone else is uncomfortable, it’s about them,not you

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  • Elaborate unless you and your partner are comfortable

  • Feel obligated to share anything you are not comfortable with

  • Be afraid to change the direction of the conversation

  • Worry about how others may perceive the relationship

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You run into a relative while out with your partner. You begin to panic. What should you do?

What To Do Next?

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  • Move the conversation along

  • Be prepared to discuss this with your partner after the introduction is over

Flaticon Icon Don't

  • Stress about the interaction

  • Dwell on what happened

  • Pressure your partner to define the relationship if they aren't ready

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