When the interviewer asks, "Why would this position be a good move for your career development?" you go blank. Flaticon Icon

All you need is a job! Why do they care about your career goals?

While this reaction is natural, different jobs bring different opportunitiesfor your career development. So how do you convince your future employer that your career development aligns with their mission?

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Why Does an Interviewer Ask This Question?

The interviewer asks the question to understand if.....

  1. you're willing to positively contribute to the growth of the organization.

  2. you're motivated to work hard to develop yourself and the company.

  3. you're planning to stick around and not likely to jump ship soon.

  4. you're ambitious and want to advance your career with this company specifically.

You can convince them you're right for the job in 3 steps!

Step 1: Reflect and Plan

  • Consider your current job situation and future career goals.

  • Create a roadmap with a realistic timeline to achieve your goals.

  • Outline the steps you're currently taking to improve specific skills.

  • Connect your desire to learn these skills to how it will benefit you (and the company!) in the new role.

Step 2: Do Your Research!

  • Carefully read the job description: what skills would the job allow you to develop? What knowledge will you gain?

  • Learn about the company's work culture through the organization's website press releases, blogs, social media, and your connections in the company. Does it fit what you need for your professional growth?

  • Learn about the organization's accomplishments and goals. Do your own career goals align with the company's goals?

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Step 3: Give The Right Answer

If you're interviewing for a position as a junior training facilitator, you could say:

I have read employee testimonials and learned about your commitment to encouraging employee growth through education, training, and a wealth of resources. At present, I am learning to integrate Quality Matters rubrics into online courses. I know I will become proficient as a trainer in this learning-focused workplace! In time, I would like to take the lead in developing engaging solutions to course design challenges.

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If you're a shop assistant interviewing for a floor manager position, you could say:

My long-term goal is to gradually gain more responsibilities. I read the company's ethical values and commitment to inclusion and diversity, and my perspective aligns with that. I am currently training as a Certified Retail Management Expert. With my newly acquired skills, I want to help my team meet challenging sales goals. I am excited to gain more practical experience leading people!

Scenario: Follow Up Question

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The interviewer asks you a follow-up question: "How do you see yourself growing in this role as a floor manager?"

What do you say?

A: I will use the opportunity to learn new problem-solving and people skills.

B: I am ready to climb the ladder and become Chief of Sales.

C: I am looking forward to the higher salary that comes with this position.

D: I would like to wait until I see what being a manager is like before I can answer that question.


Which is the best answer to the question, "How do you see yourself growing in this role?"

Take Action

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You have to step outside your comfort zone to grow.

Show your future employer that you're willing to take on challenging projects that push you to use your newly acquired skills and become a valued employee.


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