Who is your hero?

Is it Superman? Cleopatra? How about Steve Jobs?

Two young kids dressed in superhero costumes as Spiderman and Captain AmericaPhoto by Steven Libralon on Unsplash

While superheroes, historical figures, and recognizable names may be the first people that come to mind, they may not be the best response in a job interview.

Interviewers want to know what traits and values you admire and how you can relate them to the job .

What Is A Hero?

A hero is often defined as:

A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.


  • Flaticon IconYour parents or grandparents for the sacrifices they made to give you a happy and healthy upbringing

  • Flaticon IconA teacher for motivating you to learn and showing you how to apply your skills

  • Flaticon IconA first responder for their acts of bravery in helping others

  • Flaticon IconA business person for their vision and leadership qualities

What To Include In Your Response?

Once you've identified a hero, it's time to prepare your response for the job interview.

Flaticon IconDO:

  • Describe your hero clearly and concisely

  • Explain whythe person is your hero

  • Share how your hero has influenced your life

  • Focus on how your hero's traits or values relate to the job

Flaticon IconDON'T:

  • Just state a name

  • Assume the interviewer knows why the person is a hero

  • Pick a well-known hero — the interviewer may disagree

  • Get too detailed in your response

Sample Answers

Flaticon Icon

My mother is my hero. She worked two jobs to help pay for my university. I'll apply that same work ethic to this role.

Flaticon Icon

My uncle is my hero. He's a nurse in an intensive care unit. His compassion and care in helping patients and families in need is what inspired me to get into medicine.

Flaticon Icon

My coach is my hero. He taught me to practice hard and never quit even when the going gets tough. No matter how complex the situation, I'll work hard and never give up in this role.


Susan is applying for a job as a programmer. Who might she pick as her hero?

Steve Jobs — Former CEO of Apple

Her computer science teacher

Her mom because she believes in her

Take Action

To prepare for your job interview:

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