Your interview is going great, when the interviewer asks:

"Describe your strategy for your first 90 days on the job if you get hired for this role."

Gee, let me think ...

This shouldn't be the first time you think about this.

You need a plan!

Why They Ask

The interviewer wants to know how you approach work in general, and if you've thought about how you'll contribute to this role and company right away. 

I have a plan!

This is your chance to show them how you can help meet their organizational goals.

Avoid Deferring

You tell me.

It's tempting to answer with, "I plan to do whatever you want me to do!"

While your future boss may have a plan in mind for your role, they want to hear your specific plan for success

Do your best to come up with a plan using the information you have, or ask additional questions if you need more clarity about the role.

Share Your Plan

Alright, now listen up!

Be specific!

Review the job description to understand:

  • Expectations of the role

  • Company, department, and team goals

  • Knowledge and skills needed to succeed

Pick a specific project or area where you can show impact.

Outline what you'll do.

For the first 3 months, include:

  • What you bring to the table that will help you get started quickly

  • How you'll learn what you need to know about the company and team

  • Who you'll need to collaborate with

  • Resources or support you'll seek out

Scenario #1: Sample Answer

You're interviewing for a Customer Support Specialist role at a tech company. Responsibilities include answering email support tickets and providing links to relevant how-to resources. On the job product training will be provided.

Sample 90-day plan

Within 3 months, I expect to answer email tickets on my own. First, I need to learn about the company, the software, and work procedures. I'd love to shadow an experienced specialist to learn best practices and ask questions. At my previous job, I made a list of common questions with links to resources to work more efficiently.

That's how it's done!

Scenario #2: Your Turn

You're interviewing for a Marketing Specialist role at an online retailer. Responsibilities include writing content to promote our products through the company's social media channels. You'll need to coordinate with various teams to source content and manage requests from across the company.

What would you do?


Which of these should you include in your 90-day plan? (check all that apply)

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