Have you ever been asked in a job interview "What do you like to do for fun?"

Do you struggle with answering this question because you have so much you want to share? Or are you left stumped because you can't think of anything?

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The interviewer asks this question to get to know more about you and to get a sense if you'd be a good fit for the company.

You definitely want to leave a good impression with your answer. So how should you respond?

How Not To Answer

For fun, you might enjoy...


woman drinking from huge wine glass

Or this:

girl dancing viciously

But unless the company is heavily invested in the alcohol or party industries, sharing that you like to drink and/or party may not impress the interviewers.

Avoid sharing any activities that can be considered risky, wild, dangerous, or that can cause the interviewer to question your morals and priorities.

How To Answer "What Do You Like To Do For Fun?"

  • Answer the question directly. Avoid diverting to a different topic or giving an incomplete answer.

  • Keep it simple. Choose 1 or 2 things to share.You don't want to bore or overwhelm the interviewer by listing countless things.

  • Be honest. Choose to share things that you actually do for fun. You don't want to get caught lying.

  • Make a connection where you can. If something you like to do for fun relates to the company, mentioning it will give the impression that your interests are aligned with their organization.

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You're applying for a company in the book industry and the interviewer asks: "What do you like to do for fun?"

An Example of a Good Answer:

For fun, I really do enjoy reading books. My favourite genre is autobiography. My love for reading is also why I was so drawn to this role and think it would be perfect for me.

Flaticon Icon This response answers the question but also makes a connection to the company, which reinforces why you'd be the right candidate.

An Example of a Bad Answer:

For fun, I really love to try a new drink every day. I love scotch and beer the most.

Flaticon Icon This response could cause the company to view you negatively and question your priorities/morals.


Flaticon Icon You're applying for a role in a company that none of your hobbies relates to. The interviewer asks: "What do you like to do for fun?"


For fun, I like to cook. I'm always trying new recipes. I like playing board games with my family as well.


For fun, I like to cook. These days, I like cooking Middle Eastern and Greek dishes. I'm making lots of Caribbean food too. That's my favourite. It's funny because I've never even been to the Caribbean. I have been to Europe though. I also love board games with my family, they're the best. We actually all went to Europe together. It was wild.


Which answer is the better of the two?

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