Do you want your interviewer to be this proud of your accomplishments?

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It's important to prepare a thoughtful but also professional answer for the interview question "What are you most proud of?"

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

Interviewers are trying to learn some important things about you when they ask the "What Are You Most Proud Of" question:

  1. Your definition of success and if it aligns with their company culture

  2. Your level of ambition and how goal-driven you are

  3. The skills that helped you achieve this moment

  4. Ensure you're a good fit with the company

What are you most proud of

Steps On How To Answer The " What Are You Most Proud Of" Question

Flaticon Icon Step 1: Choose a relevant accomplishment. Stick with a professional accomplishment rather than a personal one. Pick an example that best relates to the job you're applying for.

Flaticon Icon Step 2: Explain how you did it. Talk about the skills you used to reach this achievement and discuss the skills you learned along the way. This is a great way to express how you're constantly learning and setting new goals.

Flaticon Icon Step 3: Focus on the future. Near the end of your answer, discuss what you gained from the experience and how you'll use these skills in the future.

Flaticon Icon Step 4: Be sincere. Don't downplay your accomplishments but also don't make them seem better than they are. Be honest! You never know when they'll want more information, so make sure you're not caught giving misleading info.

Example Answer

"As an anatomy tutor, I've worked with many students who struggle with this subject. While I helped many improve their test scores and grades, one student stood out. He was a second-year undergraduate student preparing to take the MCAT, and he was incredibly anxious. He consistently received low grades in anatomy, and he was worried about how he'd perform on the MCAT. I could tell he was very intelligent; he just never got the support he needed to boost his confidence.

Over the course of the semester, I helped him improve his marks with strategies on how to overcome his self-doubt. As a result, he aced his MCAT. Working with these students is what I'm most proud of when I was a tutor. It taught me the importance of building a student's self-confidence."

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What are you most proud of


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