You're searching for your perfect job. You score an interview.

You're excited but also nervousbecause the interviewer might ask questions like:

"If hired, what would you change about our workplace?"

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What do you say?

You'll need an answer that shows you can contribute to positive change.

What Are They Really Asking?

When the interviewer asks "If hired, what would you change about the workplace?" they're really asking, "Why should we hire you?"

The interviewer wants to know the skills and experiences you have, and how they'll positively impact the company's needs.

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They're looking to see how you'll help them achieve the company's goals.

What Not To Say

The interviewer wants to know that you're the right fit for the job.

So, when answering this question, don't opt out of answering or say there isn't anything you'd change!

Not providing an answer shows you aren't invested in the company's growth.

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The employer wants to hear your thoughts. However, one thing to remember when answering is to use positive language when providing feedback.

How Do You Answer The Question?

  • Research the company. Use platforms like Yelp, Indeed, or LinkedIn to identify relevant areas of growth you can contribute to.

  • Acknowledge what the company is doing well.

  • Highlight how your skills and experiences will help improve the company for the better.

  • Positively describe the company's area of improvement using positive language.

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Take a look at the following 2 scenarios and responses to the question.

Note how the responses make use of the strategies outlined above.

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Scenario 1

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You're interviewing at a company where employees are frustrated with unclear job expectations.

Example response:

➡️ [acknowledge what is going well] "A huge strength of this company is the positive relationships between workers.

➡️ [positively identify a problem] In my research and experience, though employees feel connected with each other, they sometimes feel unclear about what their job expectations are.

➡️ [highlight skills to help better the problem] As a supervisor, I like to have non-evaluative meetings with employees to clarify job exceptions."

Scenario 2

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You're interviewing at a company that receives customer complaints due to a lack of follow-up on reported issues.

Example response:

➡️ [acknowledge what is going well] "This company is amazing at making its employees feel appreciated. I know you want your customers to continue feeling appreciated.

➡️ [positively identify a problem] However, I see on Yelp that many customers would like someone from the company to follow up with them to make sure their problems are being resolved.

➡️ [highlight skills to address the problem] I would love to facilitate the development of a callback system where customers receive a call from us to make sure their problem is resolved."

Let's Practice

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You have completed your research on an e-commerce company. This company is really great with customer service. However, their employees feel burned out.

The employer asks, "If hired, what would you change about the workplace?"

Your response:

"You are known for giving exceptional customer service. However, I noticed a few reviews on Google where employees describe feeling burned out. A great solution is making employees feel appreciated."


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