You are doing well at the interview so far and are quite pleased with your answers. Then, you are suddenly asked:

“How would your boss describe you?”

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The good news: your old boss isn't there! But you still need to come up with an honest answer that reflects your qualities as an employee.

What Not To Say In An Interview

Here's a predictable answer that seems perfect but your interviewer might not be as impressed as you thought:

"My boss would definitely describe me to be an asset to the team and very reliable!"


Keep in mind that you want to come across as honest and genuine as can be so a perfect answer will not work best.

How To Answer "How Would Your Boss Describe You?"

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Including both weaknesses and strengths gives two sides to the coin and answers the question.

  • Start with a situation where your boss pointed out one of your weaknesses.

    • Describe the weakness so that the interviewer won't lose confidence in your ability to do the job. For example, show how you've improved on that weakness.

  • Describe a situation where your boss complimented you.

    • Use the compliment to showcase a strengththat highlights your skills.

Sample Answers

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If you're applying for a graphic designer role, you can say:

I can be a bit timid about making decisions at times, but my boss compliments the way I am always open-minded to take suggestions. It gives me a huge confidence boost and inspires me to ask for advice from my teammates to help strengthen my decisions.

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If you're applying for a team lead role, you can say:

Time management has always been a challenge but my boss admires the way I have learned how to delegate tasks to meet deadlines on a consistent basis.

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To prepare for this question:


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