You're in an interview, and they ask you, "How do you make important decisions?"

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Seems challenging! But now is the time to show the interviewer that you can:

  • Handle pressure and react appropriately under difficult circumstances.

  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills for objective conclusions.

  • Consider a variety of options based on pros and cons.

  • Show a problem-solving attitude with sound judgment.

How to answer this question?

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  • Reflect on past experiences.

  • Explain the steps you follow when making a decision.

  • Give a specific example using the STAR method that relates to the job.

  • Prioritize logic and facts.

  • Express confidence and decisiveness in your tone.

  • Show that you're good at gathering information.

  • Talk about how you work well with others and value their input.

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  • Say you can't think of anything.

  • Say that you do something different each time.

  • Explain your approach without giving enough details.

  • Include examples with a negative outcome.

  • Overlook the need for relevant information.

  • Skip justifying your approach to making the decision.

  • Make the process all about yourself.


Which positive decision-making qualities should you highlight in your next interview?

Who would you hire?

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Carla, Nick, and Ryan are job seekers at a software company. Read their responses to "How do you make important decisions?"

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"I gather necessary information, consider available time, and evaluate potential outcomes and their impact on the team and organization.

For instance, in a previous job, I had to choose between fixing existing software or starting from scratch. After careful consideration, I decided to start fresh to avoid future complications, with full support from my boss."

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"When faced with important decisions, I collect information, evaluate pros and cons, and consider the impact on the company and users.

For example, when addressing a software bug at my previous job, I researched, sought advice from colleagues, and carefully chose a solution that minimized disruption and ensured a smooth user experience."

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“I consider how much time I have and gather the information I need to make an informed choice.

It's important to remember that we can't always predict the exact outcome, but I try to gather enough information to make an educated guess. Additionally, I analyze risks to identify potential drawbacks.”


Which candidate(s) answered the question most successfully?

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