Maggie has started a pet grooming business recently but she hasn't had much luck attracting new customers.

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Maggie is considering using email marketingto increase her customer base and boost her business.

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Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by businesses to:

  • connect with potential customers via emails

  • share details about the latest products and services on offer

  • lead customers into buying if they're unsure

  • track what customers do with the email campaigns

  • get a better understanding of which aspect of your business model needs improvement

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What Is An Email Campaign?

An email campaign includes all marketing effortswherein promotional emails are sent to groups of people who have signed up to be on an email subscribers' list.

The most common types of email marketing campaigns are:

  • Welcome emails

  • Announcement emails

  • Seasonal emails

  • Newsletters

  • Anniversary emails

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What Tools To Look For In An Email Marketing Services?

There are many email marketing services or tools in the market to choose from. Some useful features to look for include:

💡 User-friendly Online Editors

These are called WYSIWG editors (what you see is what you get). These editor tools offer a wide variety of built-in templates to choose from. The drag and drop feature helps prepare timely and catchy email campaigns.

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💡 Built-in Survey Templates

The survey templates that accompany marketing emails can give a better understanding of customer preferences and help businesses make changes to their business model accordingly.

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💡 Tracking Reports and Analytics

This feature will allow you to track public reactions to your email campaigns. It can allow you to analyze data, identify trends and gain valuable insight into user behavior.

Flaticon Icon You can find out details such as:

  • who clicked on the links or forwarded messages

  • who used the company's social media links

  • who subscribed or unsubscribed

  • how and where the email was opened

  • how much time a user spent reading it

  • if an email landed in the spam folder

Marketing Tools To Maximize your Reach

💡 Email Automation Tools

Automation in email marketing means preparing email campaigns, surveys, newsletters, and messages beforehand and setting a sending schedule, defined by you.

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Email marketing is a repetitive task, so automation helps you:

  • save time

  • maximize your revenue

  • keep customers engaged

  • free up your time to focus on other areas of your business

💡 Email Personalization Tools

Use your customer demographic to tweak and personalize the emails to keep your customers engaged in your products and services.

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💡 Email Deliverability Tools

Email campaigns often end up in spam folders or get bounced back.

Reliable email deliverability — that is, landing in the main inbox most of the time — gives your email campaigns the best possible chance of success.

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⚡Knowledge Check!

Meet Henry, he is a virtual assistant.

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Henry's clients are spread out in different parts of the world. One of his main tasks is to compose and send out a lot of marketing emails to multiple customers, located in different time zones. He needs to ensure that he sends out emails at the optimal time for each different time zone.


How can Henry ensure that he never misses the optimal email send times for different time zones?

How much do email marketing services cost?

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Email marketing services can cost from $9 - $ 1000 per month, depending on the service package you choose which fits best to the needs of your business.

What to watch out for:

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Email marketing mistakes to avoid include:

  • poor email content

  • incompatible with platforms (android, iOS) and devices (phones, laptops)

  • slow email loading speed (due to too many graphics)

  • not allowing the "reply" option for customers

  • unengaging email where the message is lost

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