When asked in an interview, "What do you dislike about your current job?" it can almost feel like a trick question since the answer focuses on the negative.

Are they asking you to run your mouth?

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Not quite — so pump the breaks! Be sure to answer this question tactfully.

What To Avoid

This is NOT the time to vent about your current boss, complain about company politics, or bad-mouth your peers.

If you do, you may come off as someone who holds a grudge or bashes their employers. What will the interviewer think you'll say about them?

So don't let your frustrations overpower your response. Demonstrate that you're easy to work with, respectful, and loyal with your answer.

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How To Strategically Frame Your Answer

  1. Mention something positive about your current role. You could highlight:

    • the relevant experience that you've gained

    • the collaborative environment

    • your autonomy

  2. Describe a task or situation from your current role that you dislike, and be sure to explain why. It should NOT be an aspect of the job for which you're interviewing!

  3. Identify what you want from the new position that satisfies what you want to change from your current job.

Think: Positive Sandwich. Name a positive aspect of the old job before the negative, then a positive change with the new job!

Examples Of Positive Sandwich Answers

Scenario 1

Applying for a more challenging tech role, you might say:

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"While I adore the people I work with and have been able to improve my coding skills, I've found that after a few years in my position, it no longer challenges me enough. There isn't much opportunity for advancement, and I feel like my skills and talents would be more recognized at your company, especially since there's room for growth in this role."

Scenario 2

Interviewing for a more engaging customer service role, you can answer:

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"I work with a great team in the office, and we have a strong community culture, but it's only a handful of people that I get to interact with daily. This new position would allow me to do more of what I enjoy and what I'm good at — providing personalized customer service to many people. As new people are coming in every day, it means every day will feel different!"

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