Are you ready to move out on your own, but aren’t ready to live alone

Do you want a roommate and think a friend would be the best option?  

Learn how to successfully move in with a friend!

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Choose Wisely

I’m sure you have a lot of friends.  You can probably think of several who would make a great roommate and others that may not be the best choice.  

Two crazy guys toasting at a party.  

Take some time to create a list of qualities you would want in a roommate.  Don’t be afraid to list everything

Be specific. 

This is a big decision! 

It's not worth losing a friend over a bad roommate experience.

Set Ground Rules

Once you’ve decided which friend will be your new roommate, sit down together and make a list of ground rules

Each of you needs to contribute to this list. 

Some topics to include on the list may be:

  • Thoughts on overnight guests

  • How you feel about parties

  • Cleanliness and organization

  • Financial responsibilities

  • Cooking and grocery shopping

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You like to study on the weekends and clutter makes you anxious. Which friend would make a good roommate?


There will be household chores that need to be done around your shared space. 

Sit down with your new roommate and make a list of those chores.

Decide who is responsible for each and how often they will be completed.

  Chore list with a dog doing all the household chores

Example Chore List

Flaticon Icon Kevin

  • Wash dishes throughout the week

  • Clean kitchen on the weekend

  • Dust common living spaces weekly

Flaticon Icon Mike

  • Take out the trash throughout the week

  • Clean the bathroom on the weekend

  • Vacuum common living spaces weekly

Will you be responsible for the same list each week? Or will the list change weekly?

The way this is handled is up to the two of you. 

A cleaning schedule may seem unnecessary, but it’s important to set the standard for cleanliness before it causes tension between you and your friend. 


Unnecessary arguments can occur when you are craving a bowl of cereal and you come home to find out there is no milk! 

Bart Simpson trying to pour milk onto his cereal, but it is all gone.

It's important to have a grocery conversation.

Are you planning to share groceries or purchase your own?

Depending on your decision, here are some questions you may want to discuss with your new roommate before moving in together.

Sharing Groceries

  • Who's purchasing which groceries?

  • Are we grocery shopping together and splitting the bill?

  • If I finish an item, how quickly do I need to replenish it?

  • Should I text you to let you know I finished something?

Purchasing Own Groceries

  • If I run out of something, can I use some of yours?

  • How will we keep track of who owns each item?

  • Will we have our own section of the refrigerator?

  • How will we split the cabinets?


You want to purchase your own groceries when you live with a friend. Dan is your best friend, but is always eating your cereal and snacks without asking when he's over at your place. Would he make a good roommate?


The way you handle the bills with your new roommate is very important to successfully live with a friend.

Discuss the amenities you are looking to get in your new place. What are the must-haves?

  • Music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify

  • Amazon Prime

  • Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+

  • Internet

A person looking through a stack of unpaid bills.

Questions to Discuss

  • How will you split the bills between the two of you?

  • Will all the bills be in one person's name?

  • How will you give each other money for the bills? cash? e-transfer? Paypal?

Steps to Successful Bill Payment

  1. Sit down and look at all the bills together.

  2. Decide whether they will be paid online or through the mail.

  3. Make a schedule of when they are due. Post the schedule as a reminder.

  4. Determine how many days prior to the due date you need to give each other money in order to have the bills paid on time.

Take Action

Are you ready to find a friend that would make a good roommate?

Three roommates having a good time.  One dancing, another playing the guitar, and another watching.

Follow these steps to successfully move in with a friend.


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