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Moving away from your parent can be hard. It might be the first time you consider yourself independent.

Even though you don't live with your parent anymore, there are many ways to stay connected.

Technology Is Your Friend

The world has evolved so that you can be connected with anyone, at any time. Use technology to talk with your parent whenever you want! You can:

  • Call using a video chat application

  • Send photos of yourself and your activities

  • Play mobile games together

  • Watch shows together

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Dre is always busy at work but misses his Dad. How can Dre connect with his dad?

Wait until his dad calls him

Send his dad a quick text

Ask a friend to check on his dad

Tell his coworkers about his dad

Make Time For Your Parent

Life gets busy! Be sure to schedule time to connect with your parent. This will allow you to have dedicated time to share and be with them. Consider having a predictable, set schedule.

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Jazlyn misses her mom and would like to spend more time with her. How can she best accomplish this?

Wait for her mom to invite her over

Go to her mom's house unannounced

Text her mom an hour before she can meet

Visit her mom every Thursday after work

It's The Little Things

If you find yourself thinking about your parent throughout the day, send them a quick text. Be sure to keep up with holidays and birthdays. Talk to them about their interests and show that you care.

Small gestures go a long way in keeping communication lines open and relationships happy!

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Take Action

Prepare to stay connected with your parents by:


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