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Have you ever met a founder of a social enterprise and thought "Wow! I wish I could have come up with such an amazing idea!" Then why not get started with a business of your own to help your community?

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Starting a business not only allows you to pursue your passion but also offers an opportunity to address community needs. Dive straight in and discover how you can start a business that benefits your community in unique and meaningful ways.

Identify Community Needs

Look around your community and observe what issues or challenges are present.

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For example, consider the importance of mental health and swimming. Are there limited resources for mental health support in your area? Is there a lack of access to swimming facilities for people in need?

Apply the needs analysis model for your swimming business idea in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Understand the long-term business goals

As a social business, your goal would be to establish a new way of improving both physical and mental health through swimming activities.

Step 2: Identify desired performance outcomes

Consider the number of people your business would reach, the community members who would attend the swimming activities, and how these activities could improve their well-being.

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Step 3: Examine current performance outcomes and gaps

Here, you could encounter inclusivity issues, body shaming, health and safety procedures, etc.

Step 4: Establish and prioritize a solution

Develop a business model to keep your business profitable while fulfilling a social need for everyone involved.

Assessment Plan and SWOT Analysis

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Take the time to research and gather information about the specific needs that resonate with your community before diving into an assessment plan.

You can find ready-made templates to use for your own business idea.

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Also bear in mind the need for a SWOT analysis — a strategic planning tool used by individuals, organizations, and businesses to assess and evaluate the internal and external factors that can impact their performance and success.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, which are the 4 key elements considered in the analysis.

You can find numerous templates for your own SWOT analysis.

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This is what a SWOT analysis for your swimming business idea might look like:


  • Holistic approach


  • High operational costs


  • Possible partnerships and collaborations


  • Economic downturns

Choose a Purposeful Business Idea

Once you have identified the community's needs, it's time to decide the purpose of your business.

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How about starting a swim school that focuses on providing swimming lessons as a means to promote mental health and well-being? You could develop programs that integrate swimming exercises with mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

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This way, you're not only providing a valuable service but also addressing the mental health needs of your community.

Build an Inclusive and Sustainable Business

Another way to make a positive impact is to create an inclusive and sustainable business (meaning both "long-term" and "environmentally friendly").

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Consider partnering with sustainable swimwear manufacturers who prioritize fair production practices and environmentally friendly materials.

By supporting these companies, you not only contribute to the sustainablefashion industry but also promote inclusive businesses.

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This approach aligns with your mission to make a difference in the community while promoting ethical entrepreneurship.

Also, if you partner with progressive companies that are owned by people from marginalized communities, these connections will surely help to serve the overall community even better.

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Sam would like to find suitable partners for their sustainable swim business. Which of rhe following organizations could they partner with? Tick all the suitable options.

Take Action

Now that you have gained insights into starting a business to help the community, it's time to start your business!

Use the knowledge you've acquired to develop a detailed business plan. Research local regulations, secure necessary permits, and create a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

Seek support from organizations that encourage entrepreneurship and community engagement.

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Remember, the journey may have its challenges, but the impact you'll make will be worth it! Explore how you can make a positive impact through entrepreneurship:


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